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At our 2001 exhibition, we were commissioned by Virgin Trains to build a replacement layout for use on their stand at our 2002 exhibition.  The layout was required to run full length models of both the Pendolino and Voyager trains.  Located, as we are, near to Birmingham and the centre of Virgins Cross Country services, as well as their Euston to Wolverhampton line, a layout based on a West Midlands location was the obvious choice, logically between Woverhampton & Coventry, where there will be a mix of both types.  

Stechford seemed to offer prospects, particularly as it has a junction, so would be able to offer some variety if required.  The problem with Stechford is that it is only twin track, whilst the preferred Virgin option was for 4 tracks.  So undaunted, we took the bold step of pre-empting the politicians and putting the necessary extra two tracks in.  A spot of judicial juggling of the existing track plan and voila Yardlea - Stechford being in the parish of Yardley.

It was decided to base the layout on 1500mm * 900mm boards constructed from mdf and over the Christmas period the necessary boards were built to produce a 4800mm * 3000mm layout, with half scenic and half fiddle yard.  The two "new" running lines would have no point-work in the scenic section, which if ever Railtrack get their act together will possibly be prototypical.  Super-elevation was to be used on the curves and track laying commenced.  By the time of our 2002 symposium, one circuit was in place and the second was completed during the event.  

At our 2004 exhibition Virgin Trains pensioned off the layout and it was donated to Warley MRC.  

By now many real miles had been run and it has since undergone some necessary refurbishment including removal of the super elevation and the overhead gantries.  

It is now used within the club as a layout where members can run their own stock whether it be DCC and DC and most Tuesdays it is used by whichever member has brought in their stock.

It still goes out to exhibitions where it performs the task for which it was originally built - plenty of movement to entertain the visitor.

Yardlea: OO Gauge