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Rumbow Edge: O-16.5

By Mac Strong

Originally built by Mac Strong and subsequently donated to the Club.  It now forms part of the odd-scale group.

A narrow gauge preserved line built in a large abandoned quarry. The line runs through different areas of the quarry including some of the underground workings. The part shown is the least accessible area and was used between 1939 and 1942 for the storage of museum valuables, at which time track was laid into the underground galleries. The quarry never returned to full production and was abandoned.  Later it was taken over by a mining and quarrying heritage society that over the years has re-laid track and opened parts of the quarry as a museum.

The society owns an eclectic collection of machinery, locomotives and stock that requires varied degrees of attention from time to time.  The hidden nature of the area shown was found to be the ideal secure area for this service and repair, whilst the line passing this area gives access to some of the galleries open to public view.  The society has laid a passing loop giving a convenient place for trains to pass or await access to the galleries.

The layout is built on five boards each 1m x 0.5m making it 3m x 1m overall and is usually operated from one end. For exhibitions access to the rear is needed for stock replacement. The circular track plan allows something to run whilst chatting to visitors at exhibitions, or just to watch trains go by.  Control is DCC using the NCE system.  Track is Peco laid with a minimum curve of 17 inches.

There are two dead end lines that leave near the centre of the back scene to provide short sidings behind, these form the fiddle yard with that part of the mainline which passes behind the back scene. The time ‘orbiting’  trains are out of view  is minimised by putting the points for the two hidden sidings within the main area so trains come back into view for a short time as they pass through the fiddle yard.

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