Warley Model Railway Club

Railway modelling in most scales and gauges

Warley Model Railway Club, Unit 1F Pearsall Drive, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2RA

Registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Charity No: 1153792

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The following is an overview of membership and is not intended to be definitive in its content.  A full copy of the rules is supplied to every member, is available to anyone visiting the clubrooms as well as being available to all members on the Members page.

WARLEY MODEL RAILWAY CLUB is always ready to welcome new members.  If you would like to find out more about the club, its membership and its benefits these notes should help.  You will, of course, want to visit the club and to avoid a wasted journey it is recommended that you contact someone first.  OO, N, EM and NG groups normally meet on Tuesdays, and O & S7 groups usually meet on Wednesdays. There is also a Friday OO group, as well as a Student Members group which meets on alternate Friday evenings.  There are a few evenings when the clubroom is not open to visitors, such as when formal members meetings are taking place.

What does the club offer?

Joining us has lots of benefits.  Being a member of the club that organises the best model railway exhibition in the country is one.  Having access to all sorts of railway modelling education, including the chance to learn new modelling skills or develop existing ones, plus the social life, and of course the layouts! are others.

Being a member has the advantage that there’s always an ‘expert’ in your favourite subject, be it GWR steam, painting Virgin coaches, building Welsh narrow gauge layouts and so on.  Tap into the huge amount of knowledge that these experts have.  We’re all there to help each other.

There are several types of membership available and these are designed to suit all needs:


Full membership is available to all persons over 18 years of age.


Open to all persons over 12 years of age until 18 years of age except those in full time education who may continue to pay Student subscriptions until 25 years of age or completion of their education, whichever is the soonest.  Student members shall be accompanied by a parent or adult appointed by the parents when the student attends the club rooms or club event.  Parents of Student members may apply to join the club.

Out of Town

Out of Town membership is available for people who live more than 50 miles away.  This grade of membership carries voting rights as well as the right to stand on the committee, and is ideal for active members who can’t visit the club regularly.


Membership is available for those who are unlikely to visit the club regularly & is limited to six (6) visits per year. There are no voting rights with associate membership and it is suited for those who want to support the club by being a member and wish to be kept in touch with the club activities.   

How Much?

All rates are per annum and there are various means of paying.

The following rates were approved at the GM 9th September 2020 whilst giving consideration to the effects of Covid19, representing an approx reduction of 25%

Full £81

Student £33

Out of Town £42

Associate £21

The cost  of being a full member then is less than £2 per week - the equivalent of a lot less than two litres of car fuel, less than a pint in ALL locals, less than a cup of coffee in a lot of places and less than a return trip to Birmingham on a West Midlands bus.  

Not only that, but for your subscription you have access to the clubroom on each and every evening that the club is open (except Associate where the limit is 6 visits/annum) - currently 3 evenings per week; a free cup of tea or coffee every evening you attend (remember £2 a cup in most outlets); access to your own show - The Warley National - as well as the Open Days.  I think you may agree that is not a bad return on being a member.

So What Next?

Come and visit us - EM, OO, N,  On16.5 & American HO groups meet on a Tuesday - O & S7 meet on a Wednesday - OO & students meet on a Friday.  There are odd days when formal meetings are held, but apart from Christmas & New Year someone is there every week, usually from 19.00 onwards.

You can visit as a guest for up to 8 weeks before applying for membership and if you wish to apply then fill in an application form available at the club or online here.

If you wish you can download an application form here.

Note: If applying for student membership then download this form  which when completed should be enclosed with the application.

Further information

Hopefully this page has told you all you need to know, but if you would like further information, please e-mail the secretary