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00 layout for the younger set 

Every year the Warley Show information desk fields at least one question from a grown up accompanied by children – “Is there a Thomas layout and where is it?”

Our original TtT was built many years back and whilst it was compact and served its purpose we felt the time had come to replace it. 

Why Awdry St Nicolas?  Awdry in memory of the man who first put pen to paper and St Nicolas is the name of the parish church of King’s Norton where he was based at the time.

We decided that something simple was the order of the day and thus this 4 track circuit was built whose sole purpose is to let as many children as possible enjoy the excitement of model railway operation.  You will notice that it is lower than most exhibition layouts and whilst it gave us back ache during the building, we feel it was worthwhile as it is the right sort of height for the younger operator.

Who knows, driving one of our trains could be the first rung on the ladder of a hobby which has many facets – railways; woodworking; electrics and electronics; artistic design and of course computer control! 

Having had its first outing at the 2012 NEC show, it soon became obvious that kids being kids, high speed running was a real problem. The actual problem is that with different locos having different motors there was no easy way to reduce the maximum speed.  Back at the club, a brain-storming session was held and it soon became obvious that DCC would be the answer as we could then set the maximum speed for each loco.  A ferret around the clubroom soon threw up the answer - Bachmann Ezee Command - cheap, easy to use and we had enough.  The next step was to separate the go-faster knob from the main box - we were already using 4 analogue controllers from the same source and it was not long before the job was done.  In view of the fact that there are 4 circuits, all the locos can be set to the same address and this was chosen as address 1,  Why? If the controller gets a STOP command say from a derailment, it automatically reverts to address 1.


30"???? high

8ft square - ideally the fat controllers are at one end with the kids controllers on the other three sides, so it needs a free floor footprint of about 16ft  by 20ft

4 circuits, 4 controllers DCC Ezee Command

Contact: Alf Fantham or Mac Strong

Awdry St Nicolas: 00 Gauge